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20 Wedding Food and Drink Trends for 2020 - Part 2

Last week we looked at the first 10 of 20 wedding food and drink trends in 2020 inspired by real weddings, that offer you and your guests relaxed dining options, engaging displays, and details that tell a tailored story. Read on to see the next 10, including the one trend that's always in!

11. Themed Cocktail Hour

Whether it's based around an idea like a picnic or a tasting, or a food like wood fired pizza, themed cocktail hours give the pre-dinner hour more interest and can be one of those details that help tell your story as a couple.

Photo: Katie Langmuir Photographer

12. Plant Based Options

Food for guests that embraces plant based options is growing in popularity, not only for its sustainability factor, but also for its health benefits. Plant based doesn't have to mean sacrificing on taste or texture, it can be the opposite! Guests may not even realise their sweet treat, like an Oreo cupcake, is plant based.

Photo: Georgian Roots

13. Interactive

A little hands-on element in food and drink creates more of an engaged experience for guests. This mimosa bar wall let guests choose how they wanted to build their own cocktail.