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A little bit old, lots of things new, inventory to borrow, and something blue!

It's one o'clock in the morning. I'm up, and writing a post. In the events world being up at this time of night is a regular experience. In the height of summer we'd be drinking our 10th coffee of the day right now, wishing we had worn comfier shoes, extinguishing candles, and helping guests who had a wee bit more fun than they had planned, get home safe. It is, however, a Tuesday night in February and we are not florists prepping for Valentine's Day (my heart goes out to them). No, the 1am roll call is due to the little bundle of cuteness, snuggled in my lap, with his eyes wide open - our first baby, Cameron. My husband, Gavin and I waited four long years for him to arrive, and so when he did on a Friday the 13th this past December, we felt so incredibly lucky.

We don't often talk about ourselves, even though, as a family business, it's our core. I am determined, though, to share more about what Georgian Roots does and why, and that's difficult to do without talking about us. So here's to posting more often! Efficiency is going to be the key (especially as this little newborn is starting to nod off, and I've been told to sleep when baby sleeps), so here's 3 new things: 1. GEORGIANROOTS.CA - We've updated and streamlined our online presence. Now you can find the majority of what we offer online in one spot: event rentals, design, planning, coordination, and flowers.

2. RENTAL INVENTORY - over the past five years, we have gathered quite a collection. Most of it is, finally, now online. We're still adding products, and I'm excited to show you the new items that are coming soon! I'll be posting about new inventory to our Instagram and Facebook account, as well as our Pinterest boards, so follow those for the latest. 😘

3. FARM FLOWERS - We don't really talk about this either, but we have a small flower farm! Gavin, a farmer, is passionate about sustainability, supporting local products as much as possible, and cool flowers. So he took a course a couple years ago with an amazing farmer florist, Erin at Floret, and has been growing and learning ever since. We've expanded the plot this year and are supplying to florists and by the bucket direct from farm for DIY. More flower info can also be found on our new site, click here.

That's it for this blog post. It has taken an hour and a half, two bottles, a diaper change, and a dozen lullabies, and the boy is asleep...for now -- but I'm looking forward to sharing more regularly, and especially some really special weddings from last season! XoCady

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