A beautiful setting, a perfect moment, a glowing feeling -- these are the elements of a lasting memory, and they come from design. Through harmonizing layers of details in the design process, we help you to create an event that makes your venue, whether it is a church, a hall, a tent, or the woods, true to who you are. We believe that when the design of your event reflects who you are, that you and your guests will not only marvel at its beauty, but also feel at home - the best place to start to have a great party.


In the design consultation meeting, we find out the things you appreciate, love, and are passionate about, as well as your event details. From there, we put together a design plan with sketches, descriptions, and influences and deliver it to you within 2 weeks accompanied by quotes to take the next step to make the plan into a reality. 


Pricing starts at $150, and includes a 1 hour initial meeting, development, and the delivered design plan with original ideas, sketches, images, and quotes. Prices typically vary between $150 and $750 based on event scope, and will be quoted in the initial meeting. 


Event Design